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Corrosion Barrier Rings

DUOLINE TECHNOLOGIES Corrosion Barrier Rings, for use with API Connections, complete the corrosion protection package when used with DUOLINE. The Corrosion Barrier Rings (CBR’s) are offered in two different oil resistant elastomers. The PC-CBR (nitrile rubber) is recommended for typical produced oilfield fluid applications. However, if concentrations of CO2 are significant, the HP-CBR (modified nitrile polymer) should be considered. The HP-CBR is a higher strength material and is more tolerant to blistering and explosive decompression associated with elastomers in CO2 service. All DUOLINE Corrosion Barrier Rings are reinforced with spring steel wire, thus insuring the CBR will stay in place during pressure cycles.

Glass reinforced PTFE Corrosion Barrier Rings are available for specifically designed Premium Connections from MaxTube.

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