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DUOLINE® Technologies, the global leader in fiberglass internal lining systems for protecting oilfield tubulars, is proud to announce the development of a higher temperature resistant product: D-350.

DUOLINE is also available in two other grades – DUOLINE 20, and DUOLINE 30 which are designed to provide a solution for all oil and gas field corrosion problems, including the replacement of high chrome tubing in severe corrosive gas applications.

The MaxTube installation system is completely portable and our Portable Lining Units (PLU's) have lined pipe for blue chip national and independent oil companies in over 20 countries.

Here are the benefits to you:

  • Reliable temperature resistance up to 350°F (177°C)
  • Proven to maintain mechanical and chemical resistance similar to that of DuolineŽ Technologies' successful D-20 lining system.
  • Consists of a seamless glass reinforced filament wound liner wrapped in a continuous helical pattern to provide the greatest tensile and hoop strengths.
  • Glass is saturated during the winding process with a proprietary aromatic amine resin formulation providing fusion between the fibers. This ensures a holiday-free, flawless liner.
  • Saturation of fibers with resin provides chemical resistance required to prevent corrosion attack of the steel tubulars.
  • Liners are cured by applying internal heat to a hollow mandrel. This ensures that encapsulated air pockets do not occur on the liner's bodywall, a major differentiation from liners produced using a thermal cure cycle which cures the outer diameter first and increases the potential for product failure by encapsulating air pockets on the liner's bodywall.

The brochure is provided in PDF format which requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to view it. This software is FREE and can be downloaded by clicking on the Adobe graphic and following the on screen instructions. Get Acrobat Reader

For further information please use our General Enquiry Form or for product selection please complete the DUOLINE Selection Form.

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