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Portable Lining Unit

With the creation of the MaxTube Portable Lining Unit, MaxTube have made the lining process completely mobile. Whereas other coatings and linings can only be applied/inserted at specific/selected sites, MaxTube can carry out the lining process almost anywhere.

The benefits of MaxTube’s Portable Lining Unit:

  •  Lining operations can be carried out in any location around the world.
  •  Eliminates the need for customers to transport their bare pipe to specific locations.
  •  Companies can use their existing pipe stock.
  •  Customer’s used pipe can be lined.
  •  Saves time and cost.

With 7 Portable Lining Units (PLUs) operating worldwide, MaxTube are able to mobilise a Portable Lining Unit to carry out a lining operation at the most convenient location for our customers. These include a local yard or even at a steel mill where the pipe originates.

Measuring 7ft x 6ft x 8ft high, the unit fits into a standard 20ft shipping container and can be easily shipped by air, sea and/or by road to the desired location.

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