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RICEWRAP is an external fibreglass-epoxy wrap for corrosion control when used down hole in dual completed wells or other corrosive environments, operating between 100 – 250 °F.

Recommended for:

  • Between packers in multi-zone completions
  • External protection on down hole tubing or line pipe exposed to corrosive fluids.
  • Used between flow regulators and packers to prevent external corrosion.


  • Material: Fibreglass-epoxy (same material as DUOLINE 20 )
  • Thickness: Standard nominal thickness of .050” or .100”
  • Working Pressure: Full working pressure of steel pipe
  • Working Temperature: 100 - 250°F
  • Sizes : 2-3/8” through 3-1/2” for Range 2, API type threaded connections
  • An external corrosion barrier ring is used to protect the makeup area of the threaded connection.
  • Epoxy-hardener is provided to cover tong and slip marks.
  • Consult MaxTube for custom sizes/ lengths or premium threads.

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