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Published Papers

Below is a list of technical feedback and important industry papers, from Engineering bodies such as NACE that relate to the use of DUOLINE, supporting the high level of success experienced from the Duoline technology:

Developments and Experience in non-metallic alternatives to combat corrosion in the oil and gas fields

This paper was prepared for presentation at the 2006 “Effective environment Management through Continual Corrosion Control” conference organized by the University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Bidholi, Dehradun in association with Society of Petroleum Engineers (North India Section) held in Bidholi, Dehradun, India, 25–26 November 2006.

SPE Paper #20027

“GRE Composite-Lined Tubular Products in Corrosive Service: A Study in Workover Economics”

By Kenneth Ross of DUOLINE TECHNOLOGY, this paper summarizes the economic benefit derived from use of DUOLINE products. More...

NACE paper no. 211, 1989

“ Liners for Oilfield, Insert Liners for Oilfield Corrosion Protection.”

This paper covers the use of fibreglass-epoxy and PVC plastic insert liners as an effective means of protecting steel tubulars from corrosion in both surface and downhole applications.

NACE paper no. 70, 1992

“ Mitigation of Tubing and Mandrel Failures in High Volume Gas-Lift Oil Wells, Thompson Field, Fort Bend County, Texas.”

Four variations of API 8rd, J-55 couplings were evaluated for applications with internally plastic coated (IPC) API J-55 grade tubing versus one string of API 8rd J-55 grade tubing lined with the internal fibreglass-epoxy insert liner. The internal fibreglass-epoxy proved to be the most cost effective system for application in high volume, high velocity gas lift well to combat erosion-corrosion in the subject field test programme.

NACE paper no. 78, 1997

“ Use of Large Diameter fibreglass Lined Tubing in Highly Deviated Offshore Water Injection Wells.”

A review of alternative materials including a qualification test programme for an offshore water injection well, Thevenard Island, Western Australia. DUOLINE 20 proved to be the most cost-effective alternative, and was installed in 3 wells in 1994.

NACE Standard RP0291-91

“ Care, Handling and Installation of internally plastic coated oilfield tubular goods and accessories.”

Although the DUOLINE lining process is not similar to the IPC coating process, many care and handling procedures described in this document have value wen considering a DUOLINE system. In particular, SECTION 7 OPERATION has very pertinent procedures for wireline operations. Wireline operations can be damaging to any coating or lining system if these precautions are not taken.

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