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Test Reports

DUOLINE is a well established product having been used successfully in numerous countries in any and all oil field conditions, and as such, quality and safety trials have been conducted on the full product range. We value the results as part of the fundamental support of the quality and integrity of our business. Please click on any one of the titles to view the article summary.

Rapid depressurisation test, 240°F, 2500 psi
Long Term Exposure, 250°F, 3000 psi
Long Term Exposure, 200°F, 7500 psi
Long Term Exposure, 300°F, 4000 psi
Combined Loading Stress Tests

Wireline Abrasion Field Test
Seawater Erosion Test
CAPCIS Long Term Corrosion Test
Weatherford Perforation Test

The testing summaries below illustrate a cross sampling of in-house as well as customer funded testing that demonstrate DUOLINE’s ability to perform in extreme conditions typically encountered by oilfield tubulars.

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